American Sentences

22 February 2014
Ethereal ideas float far above our muddy experience.

15 February 2014
For a moment, a crazy moment, my world spun back on its axis.

Truths dreamt through the night, denied by accusation of morning's first light.

Deepest thoughts when no one is here, this isolation - my confessor.

8 February 2014
The unexpected does not surprise me, since it happens so often.

Deep in a flashback, adrift, I returned home as the song ended.

3 January 2014
Angels are building an addition behind for extra guests.

22 December 2013
A charitable reflection bounced back from her attentive eyes.

14 December 2013
Finding the words to stretch this life beyond its natural boundaries.

8 December 2013
Our love, a cord of twisted strands, unraveling at the knot we tied.

3 December 2013
Devils pack poison in words, deliver them by verbal injection.

Head down with heavy steps that night, he never knew which path he'd taken.

30 November 2013
Two embrace under an umbrella in rain neither wishes to stop.

Their summer enthusiasm, warm and fast, expired in winter's cold.

Running hard, inspiration ran out of breath at the feet of the muse.

The bellow of a horn called from the deep woods, but who will answer it?

27 November 2013
Living in the disinfected past, all sins removed by a blind eye.

Lost in the shadowed wilderness, the first campfire became my salvation.

I walk in the darkness from memory, having stumbled here before.

26 November 2013
Not so choosy for degrees of perfection, the plain old kind will do.

Those words had not been heard in a long while, fifteen months to be exact.

25 November 2013
Images of their future, a video she replays in her mind.

Howls of winter wind snap me back from distant summer talks on the porch.

23 November 2013
A heavy white quilt of snow thrown over the house numbed the noise outside.

Fresh cut flowers, the fragrance of their remaining life, she draws deeply.

It was an applaudable moment witnessed by no one but the dog.

22 November 2013
Then she hit me with that look like a left hook - I was down for the count.

We met at the crossroads, making all the difference for where we went.

Don't take away the comfort of his distraction - turn up the volume.

19 November 2013
Any answer becomes the release from the tension of asking why.

We can dance to the end of time, but will the music still be playing?

17 November 2013
He walks ages behind, eats the spreading dust of the vanishing future.

16 November 2013
Shaping light into familiar forms, angels and moms with chicken soup.

Open pages in my hands, she is the book I read, unable to close.

15 November 2013
Each sunset wish - a golden promise of tomorrow for bleak hearts lost.

11 November 2013
Rain falls on an empty park bench; an umbrella floats in a puddle.

9 November 2013
The glory all see shining from inside her life, hides from her own eyes.

Trying to describe its beauty to save it, he nicked an artery.

7 November 2013
Heaven and earth blend together during her walks in gray falling rain.

Loud and often, all of the voices are beginning to sort themselves out.

4 November 2013
A lean night for meaningful words - a disconnect between mental spheres.

When stuck writing, I fill in forms like an #americansentence.

Imagination is overrated when it's unrealistic.

Get a pencil and paper, an eraser will help, and start over.

The plot is still developing, but it looks to be a strange ending.

30 October 2013
Mangled in the unnatural process of becoming someone else.

25 October 2013
Never a lie, it came close, such a beautiful exaggeration.

24 October 2013
He rested his head on her memory, the only trace she left for him.

He knows this cup of coffee has at least one poem in it for sure.

23 October 2013
Hurt can travel from the other side of the world in one small, stray word.

His conscience was the critic sitting in the audience of his life.

It often happens that light and joy break into expectations of gloom.

22 October 2013
She keeps kicking and stomping words into the shape of her own story.

21 October 2013
She slides her finger across the spines of books on her shelf, deciding.

The longer he stares at the sky, the taller it grows for words to fit.

He spoke to the walls to practice his poems; the walls replied in rhyme.

She refuses to accept a rose without the thorns and the blood they draw.

20 October 2013
We can leave clues to find our way back - if staying lost together fails.

Every star is lost in focus through eyes that tear from the night's cold breeze.

Listen closely to her words but never fail to look into her eyes.

17 October 2013
My borders are tenuous - some cross days I go completely over.

Convinced of their never-ending circularity of reasoning.

15 October 2013
On the eve of deciding, it's liberating to choose without fear.

In haste and maternalism, she took him on as her next project.

All she would ever be to him was marvelous, distant perfection.

With a torch in his hand, he lined up the straw men for execution.

Sly politicians refrain from non-contradiction to speak nonsense.

Bored of playing nice, children clamor to rule the neighborhood playground.

Break free from the collective thought that deepens your irrational fears.

Rabid mob assent to the most recent popular speculation.

14 October 2013
It took time working through to the other side of an extra long thought.

A romantic knows he's closer to the stars by climbing on the roof.

Without proper tools and agreement, it looked like it would fall apart.

Gone, with no way out, she pulled her cowl over her head, shut her eyes, left.

1 October 2013
Light and dark claim equal parts of the fallen and risen in this world.

30 September 2013
Waiting under the broad oak, covered from steady rain - not the acorns.

29 September 2013
Caffeine-induced word steam that punches holes in his skull to relieve pressure.

Let's try a language without so many inflections and furrowed brows.

Normal is a deviation from everything that starts straight and clear.

The way your eyes move about is the key to understanding your words.


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