Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Note Past Due

   Send this note,
spinning the clock hands backwards
through a wormhole,
   with no regrets
it's paper and ink,
crumple it,
wad it,
pitch it,
(if you want)
not a weight around his neck,
   to myself,
you were made of the right stuff
without knowing it
to chase the sky signs
blue-stamped in your
essential desires,
free to choose
an alternate impossible assignment
rather than the one
the oracle predicted for you
   in the past
family narrative that says
you do what your daddy did


do what you dream
before you wake up
to the mediocrity of
being practical.

©Eusebeia Philos 2013

Written for dVerse Poets and Poetics ~ Sent With A Stamp hosted by Mary.


  1. so is this a letter you are sending back to yourself...or someone else...that last bit is really good advice...too many follow the dreams of someone else or that family narrative....for better or worse...

  2. Sending a note without regrets is ALWAYS the best approach. And it is always nice if you can do what you dream instead of what is practical for sure.

  3. doing what one wants to do is necessary for one's happiness. rather than thinking of your fate, it is better to build up your own path.
    interesting creation indeed.

  4. Love the sound effects... I can just hear the melody!

  5. that last stanza sums it up just perfectly..... yes - i wanna shout - yes, yes, yes

  6. Being practical is being practical ~ And I like chasing the sky signs and choosing the alternate impossible assignment ~

  7. wow, that last stanza hits home. amazing wake-up call... thank you.

  8. I really like the last lines. I think we all need to wake up.

  9. I am agreeing with everyone else - love that last stanza! K

  10. One should always try to follow dreams ...sometimes they may not be practical but still can be adventurous in the journey of life.

  11. First time here, thanks to dverse. I think the final stanza of your poem says it all. I was the one in my family to chase the dream of being a musician, while my sisters played it safe. Funny how it's easier to dream these things than actually get them moving in real life! Thanks for a wonderful read. Amy

  12. Excellent advice...if only we did have time travel!

  13. ...ha, you've got a strong point!

  14. That last line was really stunning.. the mediocrity of being practical-- great write-

  15. Thanks for commenting at Sharp Little. I have to add this comment, even though I said something earlier: I cannot imagine YOU in the paradigm of "the mediocrity of being practical." I took maybe TOO many chances, so I would have advised myself only one thing: Stay away from cocaine. Almost killed me in my two-year binge back in the 80s. Other than that, no regrets.

    1. Thanks, Amy...and oh, yes, I hear you. Too many of the wrong types of chances will do us all in. It's never too late to take creative chances, eh?