Sunday, September 15, 2013

He Takes

He stole the gold
wrist and neck chains,
pawned 'em
for good money,
took the cash,
rings, coin collection
-gold and silver,
collectors guns,
an iPod and
its speakers,
cashed in the
savings bonds
and his own
"lost" an iPhone,
smashed a car,
blew out engine one,
blew out engine two
(different car)

He's a thief
so he can be an addict,
he likes heroin
heroin eats him

He's a liar
so he can be an addict
he likes heroin
heroin speaks truth

He steals the truth
so he can be a lying addict

he says
trust me
so he can con me


too late for locks,
nothing left

©Eusebeia Philos 2013


  1. Ooh powerful write... especially liked "He steals the truth so he can be a lying addict" so true...

  2. I haven't read your work in a this is intense..I agree with Anthony..a powerful line " He steals the truth so he can be
    a lying sad..when truth is stolen.

  3. very powerful write here my friend~
    "too late for locks,
    nothing left"
    so true there is a point when one takes so much, there is nothing left to give...