Saturday, June 22, 2013


Fifth grade
recess keep away,
run forever,
no one touches me,
- maybe Debbie and Donna,
sometimes Susan -
if I let them,
if I liked them.
I always loved Calypso,
the old Brit minesweeper
Jacques used to show me
his undersea world.
What kid was an
marine biologist,
dreaming of seas and ports,
my folks said.
Nobody knew what to do.
Sister Mary Jane Elizabeth
wrote a nice note.
Books, books I read,
pages filled my head,
seeing it all through the bus window
on the long ride home
from Notre Dame,

in my blue world -
   currents swept me out
   drifted with Kon-Tiki,
   deep waters I swam
   with snorkels and tanks
   submersibles too,
   coming up for air
   slowly from the depths
   to avoid the bends,
   fought with predators
   a knife in my sheath,

   cut myself on coral reef
   avoiding a moray eel,
   running in white sand

   I lingered in Tahiti with Gauguin
   and worked on my tan,
   birds, mammals, fish
   every creature that lived
   in the sea
   but me
   I knew
   by name
   or sight

Oh, could I go back and
live that dream,
would I make your crew,
Monsieur Cousteau?

©Eusebeia Philos 2013

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  1. So wonderful! Brought back so many memories.