Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Smoking Angels

I saw a few angels smoking cigarettes
down by the bus stop.
They looked like they wanted to take off,
but the night sky was moonless,
tickets tucked in their wings,
waiting for their ride to next stop.
They passed a rose between them,
smelling it up between puffs.
One's face glistened,
thought of the oblivion,
looked in a mirror with regret,
burning strips of flesh,
breaking the smolder
after the hotel went up.

©Eusebeia Philos 2013

Written for dVerse Poets ~ Open Link Night

Note: this was a writing exercise suggested from "The Poet's Companion" by Kim Addonizio & Dorianne Laux.


  1. ha. so what was the exercise...comes off pretty cool....the angels at the bus stop smoking, passing a rose...kinda surreal, cool....i wonder if angels have regrets, if earth bound probably so...smiles.

  2. These definitely sound like angels that are not run of the mill angels. Perhaps when they are away from heaven they like to experience a few different eartly things. Wonder where their tickets will take them next before they return........home.

  3. I love the detail about how the tickets are tucked in their wings, and how they pass a rose. Very magical-realist!

  4. I don't know if these are good angels or bad angels - intriguing.

  5. These angels sounds like very human in the images shifting between cigarettes and roses.... like teenage girls with wings. Great exercise.

  6. Really enjoyed reading this.

    Great write.