Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fluid Love

A liquid, fluid love

that flows from heart to heart

in rivers fast and thick,

to carry out to sea

in current unopposed,

our leisure deep and blue,

a bottom, endless falls,

nor reckless we return

to shore where loveless stand

to stare with painful risk

at we who have no fear

to drown as one with arms

around no one but us.

©Eusebeia Philos 2013

A poem of iambic trimeter written for dVerse Poets ~ Open Link Night #107


  1. nice rhythm to this...the first step of love is learning to love ourselves...kinda glad not to be standing on that shore and loveless...

  2. Crisp iambic - message of love that outlives the group, that defies the ones outside. Well done.

  3. So very important to love oneself first. But sad if a person only puts his arms around himself rather than sharing that love with others.

  4. sad to drown in your own embrace..better to reach out with arms of love..