Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time Has Come Today

The Chambers Brothers thought time had
come today. They had the wrong date. It
was the day before while sleeping off the
previous evening.

Time delivered the Warhol posters to the
dorm rooms on schedule. No one was awake
to receive them, so they sat in the hall waiting.

Time ran out on the day, horrified by the
hours it had to fill. Success could never be
counted that easily without a second hand.

An audience of tie-dyed t-shirts sat in their
seats, waiting for the Chambers Brothers to
be delivered. They were late again.

The mushrooms put a time limit on how long
they would entertain the brothers, locked tight
in their chamber.

You have a face I’ve seen before, said Time.
Fine, but don’t clock me like that, said the Watch.
I have two hands, you know.

The Chambers Brothers wrote a verse to kill
Time while they waited for it to arrive. One of
them sent out for rooms service.

Minute by minute, the countdown was irrelevant.
Time was going to be late and everyone knew it.
Only the psychedelic posters seemed amused.

They locked Time in a room to prove they were
right, down to the second. Brother One’s doubts
grew by the minute as he watched shadows grow.

Time was psychedelicized and lost its way,
pausing for thoughts at a time. Leary found it
wandering and brought it home for evaluation.

Some times, often on Sunday afternoons, I'll watch or listen to a song on YouTube or my playlist with the intention of creatively writing my response to the song. This series was obviously inspired by The Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today." Mostly, I amuse myself with these ramblings. Perhaps you will be amused - or full of pity for the author of these random wanderings.
~ Eusebeia Philos


  1. What is especially cool about this poem is that you captured the cadence/tone of the song in it beautifully. I'm reminded of Raymond Carver's poem about Bukowski and how he captured his cadence/style so well.

    Love this phrase: Time was going to be late and everyone knew it.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I wrote as thoughts came, editing very little. That is different for me. I usually ponder every word and phrase before releasing it to twitter or my blog. :)

  2. Interesting..I liked your random wanderings..

    1. Sometimes it's fun to write quickly, responding to the song and music, without over-analyzing every word. Thanks.